Linda M. Crate



i only want to hold onto your
until my fingers stop bleeding
maybe by then
all the constellations will glow
with the ethereal light
of immortality,
and shadows will dance no more
because your love will have
rescued me and together
we will have
restored the world.

the universe of me

i always seem to fall in love
with the wrong man
eat the wrong food
use an adjective when i was
looking for a pronoun,
and you’re all too eager to remind
me of my each and every
makes me think you’ve never had a dream
that didn’t come at the expense
of tearing someone else
i wonder if we with hearts of gold
only shine
because we know what it’s like to be
i will always sing and shine and shimmer
no matter how many times life
and people like you
try to break me
because i am a universe and i cannot end
unless my heart gives permission
i’ll never give anyone that right.

broken light

i am a little dangerous
a little wild
who hasn’t forgotten
her thorns,
and if i let you in and you only
break my stem
then i will pierce you with
my trangressions
longer than the arms of the
angriest sun;
you think you’re the only dreamer
but there is me and he and she
and all the other dreamers
here to prove you wrong—
you only rise by
lifting others,
you only shine by giving the night your
all you do is hold yours inside
demanding that yours
shines brighter,
but your broken halo couldn’t emit
enough light to make a penny

lovesick galaxy

there is no safe place
i am always
whenever i see your face
those eyes paralyze
and my tongue stumbles over
long familiar words;
i seem to forget that i am a galaxy
of my own
because i burn in the brightness
of all your stars
my brain can’t function properly and my
heart might just explode like
a supernova
then i hear your voice and i just
you must think me foolish to fall so hard,
and perhaps i am;
but i have always been daring when i love
if nothing is ventured nothing can be
gained and i want life to be
an adventure
not a black hole of void.


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