Marie Lecrivain



The universe is unfolding as it should – Edwin Hubble

Take a look into the sky, past the lights
of commerce, and beyond those satellites
that invade our privacy. Set your sights
past the Jovian ward, the meteorites
that blind us with their martial splendor.
Get comfortable with the black stretches
of space between galaxies whose slender
arms spiral out to you. The heart branches
forth, and this… this is your moment. The bond
with the all the cosmos is sealed. Welcome
to your family which extends beyond
your mortal remains to shed the burdensome
cares and woes that always held you down,
you’re a gem in the Universe’s crown.

The Red Rose of Saturn

Love thou the rose, yet leave it on its stem – Edward G. Bulwer-Lytton

Shakespeare never saw this cosmic bloom come
into being. From the Titan it rises twice
the size of our modest sphere, and with some
trepidation we measure with precise
instruments this bloody flower that, since
time began, is the aim for what we strive
for; passion, peace, and success. We convince
ourselves with each breath that we’re alive
beyond our five senses, and ignore
what lies underneath. We forget about
the stem laced with numerous barbs that force
their way through flesh into the mind to sprout
in the soul. And yet, filled with internal
woe, we reach for the rose – love eternal.


You were just a scrap of courage chosen
to test drive man’s journey to the stars.
Millions watched you on TV. Frozen
by communist ennui, you healed scars
left behind by the gods of war and greed.
For decades, everyone assumed you came
back to earth, a small lie that gathered speed
to wing its way into the hive mind, a flame
of hope that burned for the next 50 years.
What really happened? Well, some would say,
What was necessary. Sadly, no tears
were shed for you, Laika, a tiny stray
from the streets, a chance hero in the plan
to claim better worlds for the hands of man.


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