Scott Thomas Outlar


Alpha Point Apocalypse

You are the first and the last
from the beginning until the end

You are the womb and the grave
from the sex to the worms

You are the sun and the moon
from the fire to the shadows

You are the strength and the weakness
from the high rise to the fall

from the primal roar to the gasping moan
You are the truth and the lie

from the creation to the garden
from the honest word to the deceitful tongue

You are the flesh and the soul
from the body to the source

You are the angel and the animal
from the halo to the fangs

from the perfect peace to the carnage
You are the order and the chaos

from the evolution to the breakdown
from the build up to the crash

You are the love and the hatred
from the full heart to the black coal

from the open to the closed
You are the breath and the wind

from the lungs to the oxygen
from the organs to the sky

You are the first and the last
from the beginning until the end


A heart full of Christ’s blood
A liver saturated with the piss of Dionysus

A mind that flashes back and forth
between a faithful love of light
and the temptations calling from the darkness

There are angels soaring in the heavens
but there are snakes down here in the grass

A desperate search for higher truth
A crashing tide of little white lies

A body with legs that can walk
all day and night toward the siren

A body with a bruised and broken back
lacking the strength to rise out of bed

A womb with promises of new karma
A grave that yawns with a final seduction

A silent meditation on the path toward peace
A violent world that cannibalizes its own flesh

A fiery halo adorning the crown of ascended masters
A rag of salt for thieves with wounded hands

There is always a fresh hope in the next step
but there are always new challenges that lie ahead

Simple Measures

In stillness find forward movement.
In darkness see the light.
In complexity adapt through simple measures.
In every ending begin anew.

Buzzing Revelation

I’m dreaming of your face
in translucent neon
as vibrant smiles
etch across the skyline
with whispers whistling
through the wind
to every open ear
ready for sweet reception

I’m buzzing in your presence
of ancient wisdom
while higher truth
burns in Revelation
through powerful transmissions
from the tip
of a moist tongue
ready to feast on happiness

I’m singing out your name
with a symphony
of Hallelujah praise
in deep connection
to primal electric signals
sent from Source
as intimate reverberations
ready for a wave of peace

Springs Eternal

Every word is a miracle
erupting from a place of pure vibration

Every feeling is a high truth
sparking in the deepest source of heart

Every step is a mile
in the journey that never completes

Every sip gets me sober
from a well of water that springs eternal

Every kiss is a glad comfort
from lips that absolve all sin

Every dog has its day
when the sun dawns at a peak plateau

Every truth is wide open
when the mirror starts smiling back

Every breath is a blessing
in a forest where each tree is unique

Every season is reflected in the soul
when what was sown is ready for harvest

Every song sounds just right
when ears are able to receive the melody

Every vision is of a crystal city
when Atlantis is reborn

Every ash leads to a new beginning
when the Phoenix yearns to rise

Every grave is a safe haven
when karma starts spinning the scales

Every heart is a feather
when the weightiness of guilt floats away